Step 2: What Do You Need?

Before You Begin, please Make sure you have the following items ready:

Photo ID

Acceptable forms of photo ID include Drivers License, Passport, or Government issued ID. Please provide a good quality image of your photo ID later in the application.

Good quality image

  • Centered, in-focus
  • No glare or shadows
  • Straight-down shot within photo frame

Poor quality image

  • Crooked, out-of-focus
  • Shadows across id
  • Angled shot

What: A guarantor is someone who signs the lease with you, and agrees to be financially responsible.

Why: This is required any time the resident does not have a job with sufficient income to afford the apartment on their own. Most students require a guarantor.

How: Please talk to them in advance so they aren’t surprised when we contact them. Then to enter your guarantor’s contact info on the application.

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