Step 2: What Do You Need?

Before You Begin, please Make sure you have the following items ready:

Photo ID

Acceptable forms of photo ID include Drivers License, Passport, or Government issued ID. Please provide a good quality image of your photo ID later in the application.

Good quality image

  • Centered, in-focus
  • No glare or shadows
  • Straight-down shot within photo frame

Poor quality image

  • Crooked, out-of-focus
  • Shadows across id
  • Angled shot
Proof of Income

We ask for proof of income to verify that applicants can afford the rent. If you are concerned about provacy you may black out your social security number before sending.

Acceptable documnets for proof of income include Paystubs, Hiring Letter, or first page of Tax Return. If none of these apply, we are flexible. We are willing to consider any form of documentation if you call to discuss: 413-992-2000.